There are photographs but I have just finished work and…

August 23, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are photographs but I have just finished work and have not had the time to alter the size of them to put up. If you know how re-size photographs we need them to be 640×480. Some of you may.


Work starts tomorrow on supporting the stream bank to stop the erosion that is risking the Lake from finishing up in the Stream. At the end of last year we had a so called experienced erosion expert look at the problem. Fortunately we did not use them the sort the problem out as what they identified as being the problem was not. The problem that was wrongly identified was erosion by the stream at the bottom of the bank. The problem we have is the weight of the soil at the top of the bank that is exaggerated when we have heavy rain over a prolonged period, as we did in July. It is causing the top of the bank to collapse causing large parts of the bank from top to bottom fall away. The walkway in between the Lake and the Stream is narrowing so we have got to do the work as soon as we can. So it will be started tomorrow.

There is a stretch of over 25m that has to be supported with metal baskets up to 2m high filled with stone. It will need about 40 tonne of stone. It will need the top of the baskets to the top of the bank and back filled with soil. Another 90m of the stream will be staked about every 30cm. Behind the stakes there will be heavy galvanized netting. That to will be back filled with soil. Willow will be put in the soil next spring to let a willow bank form. We then need to hope that it will solve our problem.

This afternoon when we walked around the Pond next to the Lake. Tass and Kye found the scent of where an Otter had entered the Pond. They also found the bone of an Eel that the Otter had caught in the Pond. It is an easy food source for the Otter and I will need to electric fence the Pond as I have the Lake as there are Large Fish in the Pond. What also has concerned me is that inside the fenced Lake area we noticed a path where something had entered the Lake. It may be the Swans although I have not seen them use that place. I have altered the infra-red lamp to light the area and I will record the webcams so that if there is anything in the area using the path we will know what it is. It will be on webcam three after the Badgers. Let me know on the Forum if you see any thing.