There are three more photographs on the photo page tonight…

November 26, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are three more photographs on the photo page tonight. The first one is a Horse walker. I have a couple of Photos of Bliss and Misty using it. They are not very good, but I will get them on the page hopefully tomorrow. The second photo is when Bliss and Misty were being led on head collars to make sure that they were safe, when first ridden in France, by the French riders, in the fenced area. The last photo is when Bliss Misty returned from their first ride in the woods with the lead Horse, that accompanied them. I had reason to speak with the Trainer this morning, the day after the ride in the woods Bliss and Misty went out with all of the other Yearlings. Their training is now starting.

Once that I have been shown how to install photographs onto the new photo page, I hope to be able to let you have any photographs that you would like shown, to be put onto the page. It will only be for photographs of Wildlife, maybe your gardens or flower and maybe even you pets. We will not under any circumstances put up photographs of yourselves or any other person. Don’t send me any photographs until I let you know you can, or I will have to delete them from my email, as they are liable to slow my computer

My Lads have been tidying the lake area for a few days. By the side of the lake is a stream that runs all the way along the lake. I always believed it is where the Kingfisher nests, as the banks of the stream are from six to four foot high. an ideal spot I thought. In fact the Kingfisher nests on the opposite side of the lake behind the Bird feeders that you can sometimes see on camera two. Over the years the boundary hedge has overgrown so much that the stream is hardly visible, so my Lads are cutting the overhanging branches, so that we are able to see what is going on in the stream. It should be a little more inviting for the Kingfisher and other wildlife.

With the stream having large banks either side we are going to test the flow of water, to see if we will be able to generate any power from the water. The stream doesn’t run that fast, but after rain it has a fair bit of power. I think it will be touch and go, but we will try. Another option would be to try the flow from the lake when it runs into the smaller pond. It would be good to be more self sufficient with our energy needs, and of course more environmentally friendly. We need the Farmhouse roof stripped and re tiled or we would have installed both Solar Panel for our hot water and power on the roof. The Farmhouse roof is south facing and very long, so it will be ideal. That is one of our projects for next year. I have also been thinking of installing a Wind Turbine for power. The only good place for that is in the field where I feed the Badgers. That is one reason that I haven’t gone ahead with doing it. The other reason is that I think that they are unsightly. What we have managed to do this year is to put in our own water supply. I will tell you about it, maybe tomorrow.