There are three new photographs on the photo page Pat…

December 12, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are three new photographs on the photo page. Pat sent in the Heron taken at Kew. Love the photo, I also like the Bird. But no where near my lake. Elsies Deer photograph was taken at Fountains Abbey. The Swan and Signets sent in by Vicky from Derby.

Sorry, we didn’t manage to get finish setting the camera up to watch the Sheep. Just been megger busy running about picking up posts and rails for the corral, that we are putting up in front of Lady’s stable. I forgot to order the ballast to make the concrete to put the posts in, so that had to be collected. That was another couple of hours of wasted time.

We need to get the stable area for Willow and the new Foal ready by the end of the week. Finishing the corral really need finishing as well. As we are going to need to juggle the Horses around so that we can keep the new Broodmare and Foal away from the other Horses for a week to ten days, just to make sure that the new arrivals are not bringing in any unwanted bugs. You can never know what new Horses may be bringing with them. Not necessarily from where they had been kept. But also from where they have been whilst travelling from one location to another. I cant be sure what route from Ireland to Denbury the Horses that are coming will take. The Horse Box that they are being collected by will no stop off at other premises to collect and deliver other people’s Horses.

I not a big fan of Bloodstock Auctions for the same reasons. Some of the larger auction have in excess two thousand + Horses for sale over a week. Four hundred + a day coming from here there and everywhere. Bringing in who knows what. This year the Bloodstock industry, including Horse Racing came to a virtual stop in Australia, through Equine Influenza. There are many problems that new Horses can bring in to a yard, so it is very important to be vigilant and isolate them for a period.