There are three new photographs on the Photo page scroll…

December 18, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are three new photographs on the Photo page, scroll down the photo page starting with the Squirrel from Julia. This is one of seven photographs that Julia has emailed to me, I will put more of them on tomorrow. The two other are from Elsie.

Good afternoon, Mr.Farmer, I’ve been working at my computer today which is next to the patio doors – unfortunately I do tend to get distracted by looking out at the garden!!
This morning I was watching Blue Tits, Great Tits a Blackbird and a Robin taking it in turns to eat around the tree and the feeders.
A few minutes ago, just as I was about to eat my lunch, I looked out and saw what I think was a Fieldfare so I ran upstairs to try to get a few photos. With the sun setting the garden was beginning to fall into shadow, so I think the pictures look better taken from above. Picture number 51 is slightly seasonal – you can just make out the Mistletoe which is growing in the Crabapple Tree!
The squirrel posed for me a few weeks ago! Julia.

How about some flora for a change. Gardening is my hobby even though I can’t do it as well as I used to. Iam sure some of the ladies would like to see this photo.Elsie
Just had to let you see my wonderful dog Max. I love him to bits.Elsie

On Sunday and tonight I thought that I would be able to put the telescope webcams on. Even in the light, on both afternoons in the cloudless sky I could see the quarter Moon. As soon as it got dark the sky clouded over. This part of the Moons cycle is about the best time to see the Moons Craters. I will keep looking to see if the sky clears, if it does before 8.30pm I will get it going. I thought that I would have been able to focus on Mars by now. Our Wood tree line stop us seeing Mars until nearly I am definitely not in the mood to turn the telescope on at that time of night. In the New Year we should be able to see it a lot earlier.

We have nearly finished the stable area for Willow and Gypsy. We have only got to finish putting the gates on, and put the straw down, it will then be ready for them to use. As soon as I am sure Gypsy’s eyes are alright, we will wean Willow. Not a job we are looking forward to be doing, but it has got to be done.

That was Magic and I hope that you were as lucky as I was to see the two Stags in the valley. I first noticed them ten minute before I fed the Badgers. I wasn’t sure if I should feed them, as I have to walk towards the valley on my way. Fortunately the wind was blowing from the North so my scent would not be blown towards the Stags. It must have been the quietest that I had ever been, so as the Stags would not hear me. When I got back from feeding the Badgers I was pleased to see the Stags were still here, and even more so when they started to play fight. When the Rut finishes the Stags will go off on their own or in groups. I don’t know when they shed their Antlers, but I would like a set. We have a number of Hunt Shows in the area, where you can very often buy Antlers, some with the Stags scull, but I would only buy if I knew that they were a fallen set. The infra-red lamps didn’t do us any favours. The brightness caused the camera to go into colour mode, eliminating the infra-red lamps. Seeing the Stags tonight was the most special night that I have had on the webcams. And I remembered to press the record button.