There are three new photographs on the Photo page starting…

April 23, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are three new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number one.

We have only been able to put three photographs on the Photo page tonight. We have only got a few photographs left, other than ones that have been sent in by the same people, but different poses.

Bluebells in my garden. Lindsay.

Here is a picture of Schumi our rabbit who died last year, she is about to have a nibble of the wallpaper, she was a little ****** for doing that. Val

This morning as I was leaving for work there was a flock of Ibis across the street feeding. They have long skinny beaks looking for insects. There were about 20 of them. We also have a pair of nesting Ospreys a couple of streets in back of us. I’m trying to get pictures of them to send. Karen, Florida (USA)

4x photographs from Simon. two of the Chick and two of the location. The white dot shows the spot.

There is better news from Anderlucia and the Griffon Vulture webcam. I had another site in mind for the equipment that I had sent Simon. Last week I told Simon that the location seemed to be giving problems and that I would be able top use the equipment that he had. I received the email below this morning.

I have a new site the camera is in it, it will be attached to the cables soon, so please read this email look at the images attached, and just try to realise what I am up against. Also I did not do all this dangerous climbing to view nothing. Secondly I told you I would look for another site which is what I have been doing in every second of my spare time. I found one yesterday and it is on a ledge higher and further back on another face along the chain than the other one and just as dangerous to reach but I managed to climb in. The ledge contains 2 nests one with an egg and 6 ft away another nest with a chick in it, ( image attached ) This location as you will see from the 4 jpgs I have attached is in a somewhat serious location. I CLIMBED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM TWICE, plus I had to get the camera and battery from the old location up there, so just imagine the weight of the battery in my pack add to that the 80 degree plus heat and the extreme difficulty of the rock and loose shit that makes up this mountain, and you can imagine what I am up against. The camera is in the nest, the battery is 50 to 60 ft below, now I am going t wait until I AM 100% CERTAIN that both sets of adults return to the nest before I go anywhere near it. All of the cable is up there near the battery and all that remains is to get the panel across and hook it up. Gerry does not have a problem with the computer being on if there is something to see. I told you this was possible and I have not busted my XXXXX and nearly killed myself to give up and send all this gear back now. As I said we are not dealing with nesting boxes on the side of an Oak tree, badger sets, Ospreys on handy little platforms in someones garden, this is as hard as it gets. We lost the other site because of a lack of patience, I am not going to make the same mistake again, surely you can understand that. The weather was xxxx for over a week and it was impossible to get up there. I appreciate you have another use for the gear in Scotland but after all the ball breaking work my end I think it fair that this little project is seen through to its conclusion. Just let me go at my pace and all will be well. Have a look at the jpegs and you will see why it takes time. Gerry will call me later today and let me know about the nest activity with regards to the adults coming and going, I will check again in the coming days, and then I can climb up hook it up and we are in business. The welfare of these birds is paramount, so please be patient and all will be well. I will let know when the gear is hooked up. Kind regards. Simon