There are three new photographs on the Photo page starting…

April 24, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are three new photographs on the Photo page, starting from number eleven..

We have only been able to put three photographs on the Photo page tonight. We have only got a few photographs left, other than ones that have been sent in by the same people, but different poses.

Hi this is a photograph of Oink the Water Buffalo, he is called Oink because he grew up with pigs and believes himself to be a pig. He lives in a field in derby which he calls his home. He has been there for a very long time being well looked after by his owner. Vicky ~ Derby.

Kirkwall Lifeboat and the harbour, Kirkwall, the island of Orkney. Lindsay.

Elizabeth Drive. Galloway. Scotland. Judy.

Looking at Lady this evening, It looks as if she cant be far from Foaling. I will be checking her before I go top bed. If the Foaling look imminent I will put it on the Forum.

We lost our Bird and Badger feed sponsors at the beginning of this month. Yesterday we managed to get another supplier, Jacobi Jane to give our website a three month trial. They will be supplying the same feed as our last sponsor. If they can see that a link from our website to Jacobi Jane is bringing more visitors to their website, and extra sales of their products they will extend the trial. If any of our viewer use Jacobi Jane let them know that you watch our webcams. If any of you would consider changing your supplier of Bird Product, it would help us to continue broadcasting the webcams. The cost of the feed we use it over