There are two new photographs on the photo page The…

December 11, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There are two new photographs on the photo page. The Ponies from the New Forest in Hampshire was emailed from Elsie and the Moorhen was sent in by Vicky from Derby.

Elaine and Sue, it did look a little like the Badgers were mating this evening, but they were actually playing. They must have been trying to grab hold of each others rear legs. I have got a long recording of a mating session that took place last year on the feeding place on camera one. It is on a hard disc that I have taken out of a CTV digital recorder. If I can get some one to put it on to a disc, I will show it on the the site. I have a new machine that is a lot easier to work than my last one. There is a few good recording on it, but it is finding time to download .

Robin I didn’t approve your forum entry on Sunday, as at the bottom of the page, in one of links that you gave, were links to a holiday site, that offered Holidays as we do. I am sure that you didn’t realise, and that you will understand. The other link was The link will take you to the Badger Trust for information on Badger, as Robin was giving in his forum entry.

I must admit the Badger Trust would not be my favorite organisation. In my opinion they do not use the best resources to portray the Badger. Anyone who watches our webcams are able to see the Badgers as they are. Playing as a family group is appealing. One picture is worth a thousand words, the Badger Trust don’t think so. We offered the Trust a link to our webcams to let more people see Badger in real life. They used the link for a few weeks to promote Badger Day a couple of years back. Removing the link immediately after. I am sure a link would have benefited the Badgers, and a reciprocal link would get more of our visitors linking to the Trusts site. Obviously the Trust didn’t think so.

Today we managed to get the most of the equipment up for the camera in the barn to watch the Sheep, hopefully when they are lambing. There is a little more work to do and we will show it on the site. We have decided t put up another pen next to the Sheep to Stable Willow when she is weaned. The new camera will also be able to see Willow and the new Foal. We are not going to wean her until next week when the new Filly Foal arrives. The new Foal that is coming is being weaned today. She will need the company as well as Willow.

Over the past two days the infra-red lamps to show the far end of the valley were installed. At the moment they are a bit of a disaster, just a very small bright areas in and around the trees. I hope that it is just a case of adjusting, although it could be that the beam is the wrong angle, that will mean having to get new lamps.

The aggravation the remote Duck is giving me, it wont be called Daffy or Donald. Its been called a few choice names that I couldn’t repeat as it is. If it sinks, Titanic would be appropriate.