There has not a lot been happening on the Farm…

November 7, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There has not a lot been happening on the Farm today. We lunged Bliss and Misty again. Bliss went exceptionally well, with some one walking by her side, she was going from halt to walk to trot and back again, all on voice commands. For the last few minute of the lungeing session she did it without any one by her side. Misty came in a little lame on her left hand rear leg this afternoon so we were unable to make her trot, but going from halt to walk and back, she was as good as Bliss in learning. Both a the easiest Horses that we have broken.

Both Bliss and Misty were ridden and lunged in the sand school today. It was quite windy, the first day it has been so since we started to break the Fillies. The rustling leaves, blowing branches and hedges, had both on their toes, with their ears pricked up and looking at everything. Misty we thought was going to give a few bucks when being ridden. She threatened, but it finished up as being a few backward jumping steps. One thing we have noticed today when lungeing the Fillies is that Bliss is right handed and Misty is left handed. Horses will go better on the leg they prefer. Some Trainers will also choose race courses, depending on what direction the course goes.

I don’t often watch Spring or Autumn watch. It is not that I don’t like wildlife programmes. These are the only ones I don’t watch very often. I get bored with the amount the talking that is done by the presenters, instead of showing wildlife, and I cant be done with the false laughing and silly antics that take up a large part of the programme. I did however catch a glimpse of the programme last night when the remote controlled model Ducks was on. They would be a good idea for the lake, to try to find out what is happening to the Duckling and Goslings. I have been looking on the Internet to try to find out where I can get one. I wont be able to get one with a camera installed, but I can easily do that myself. I don’t wont the bother of having to put an electric motor and all of the control mechanism into a decoy Duck. The decoys are easy to get. I have found a couple of sites in the USA that do remote controlled Ducks, they even do full size Geese, it would be easy with a wireless camera to get a good picture of the lake with a remote controlled model Duck or Goose that I could show on the website. It would need to be controlled from beside the lake, although it could also be left anywhere on the lake, without it moving, just to see what is happening in a particular area. What I do find strange is that the Moorhens do very well on the Lake. Most mornings you can see five Moorhen feeding where the Sheep are. I should reckon that they would have bred on the lake. I am waiting for a phone call from the USA. I may have some thing to tell you tomorrow.