There have been a number of unexplained strange incidents and…

March 4, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There have been a number of unexplained strange incidents and apparitions in the house, these are some involving children.

We moved into the house with our twin sons and although over the years the house had undergone many extension, alteration and additions , we felt renovation and some alterations were needed.

The work unearthed Victorian servant calling bell wires in two walls and signs of a servants staircase. The work that had been done over the years with these signs showed that the house had been owned by various influential people. We later found out that the house was the main house of a substantial estate.

One of the most significant alteration that we made was to change the position of the main staircase, it led from a passageway in the middle of the house, to a not very nice landing on the first floor, it did not look an original staircase. it was found out later that the staircase was newish, but in the original position. We could turn the staircase in its own space, the bottom of the staircase would then finish in a cupboard in the kitchen, making a very attractive cottage stairway leading from the kitchen. The landing of the original position could then incorporated into a bedroom making a very large bedroom and small toilet, with its countryside views it would make an ideal bedroom for the twins.

From the first day of the twins moving into the bedroom, they were 8 years old at the time, the younger boy became very unhappy. He would come into our bedroom two or three times a night telling us he could hear noises and was frightened, as the older twin was not complaining we thought that he was just making it up as he could not sleep and wanted attention. We were very busy in the house and probably have not given the twins the attention that they were use to.

Most nights for some weeks he was waking and coming to our room, he was getting more frightened and crying telling us that he could hear someone walking up the stairs. We moved the twins into another bedroom and the problem stopped. After a week or so the elder twin wanted to return to his bedroom, as the younger twin had not heard any noises he agreed to return with him. That night we were woken by the older twin shouting to us, we rushed to the room to find the younger twin sobbing and shaking uncontrollable, he told us that he had heard someone walking up the stairs as before, he told us that somehow although he did not want to look something made him to the direction of the toilet were he saw a man standing. Every parent know their children, we knew he was being truthful, the toilet was the top of the stairs before it was altered.

The next day I went with the twins to see the local priest, he listened to the story and agreed that he would come and bless the house, at the blessing he gave the twins a candle to light every night, telling them that It would stop him seeing the man. From then on the boy never had any more problems and went back to sleep in the room.

Six years later a friend became a regular visitor, she had at the time a four year old son, whilst we would be down stairs her son would go upstairs to the twins bedroom to play with their toys, on a number of occasions he could be heard talking, when questioned he told that he had been talking to a friend, we believed he meant a toy. On one occasion his mother went quietly upstairs to the room, she could hear her son talking, she looked around the door way without being seen by her son, she could see him in conversation looking towards the toilet door, she went in and asked who he was talking to, he pointed to the toilet entrance telling his mother, that man, what man she questioned, that man there, he came up the stairs. The toilet was the top of the stairs before the staircase was turned around, the same place that the younger twin had seen his man. The twins bedroom is on the other side of the blocked up doorway in the Victorian bathroom, where the apparition came from in the Victorian Bathroom.

Just a month ago a few friends came to dinner, one had a six month old baby who came with her mother.

One of our friends is a keen astronomer. The dinner conversation revolved around astronomy. As It was a clear night we decided after dinner we would go outside ad let our friend show us some interesting lunar sights.

As the baby was asleep and we were to stay very close to the house it was decided to leave the baby inside in the warmth, he was in a carry buggy asleep, although he had never accepted a dummy, one was always kept behind the the buggies padding, other than the Mother and Grandmother no one knew of the dummies place. We all left the house at the same time. about five minutes later the baby was heard to make a short cry, she went to enter the house but although she knew the door could be opened she felt a pressure on it, it released itself and when she attended the baby it had the dummy in its mouth sleeping peacefully. Neither his mother or grandmother had given the baby the dummy.