There is a new posting on the Ghost cam page…

March 25, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There is a new posting on the Ghost cam page.

Today you may have seen three of the Portland sheep on camera two fighting. Two of them are Ram lambs that were born last year, they are being a bit brave with the flock Ram, trying to take over, but he is a bit to cute and strong, even with two of them trying it on. They are bit to young at the moment. The older ram is getting a bit old now, he is what is known as broken mouthed, meaning that he is loosing a few teeth, as time goes on he will not be able to eat as well as he should, he will then start to loose a little condition, that is when the younger Rams will have their chance.

A new lamb was born last night, to one of the cross breed sheep. It was a bit of a surprise, as it was brown and the Ewe is white, the father, is the white Portland Ram, so the colour is a throw back from the Ewes cross breeding.

The farm next to ours have their Ewes and lambs out in the fields, it is good size flock that would need a lot of work throughout the year. It looks like most of the Ewes have twin lambs. As the lambs get older they tend to to get into little groups, playing and chasing around the field, good to watch.

A couple of days ago an entry from the US, on the forum said that that one of the Badger was still limping. As I am writing this entry I am changing between camera one and two, there are ten Badgers feeding, six on camera one and four on two, but I have not seen the one who is limping, they all seem fine.

When we went on our walk down the valley today, with Tass and Ky, we went further than the cameras view, disturbing the three deer that have been feeding on the valley camera of a nighttime. Looking at their hoof prints, there is a lot of activity. Because of the distance we would need to run the electricity wire, it would be very difficult to get a camera set up, but it would be an interesting site, I will look into it tomorrow.