There is only one day of photographs left so I…

May 27, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

There is only one day of photographs left so I will leave them for tomorrow.

We have needed to alter the way that you log into the webcams to have a cut off period after 15 minutes. All the webcams will have this restriction over the next week. Unfortunately there are to many viewer who are leaving the webcams going 24/7, many not watching them. The costs for this are far to high and if we had not had taken this action we may well have needed to close the site. We attract 10000+ unique visitors a day that cost a substantial amount of money. Those leaving the webcams running 24/7 don’t help.

The hatchery webcam have Gosling on. After the failure of the first incubation of the Geese eggs we were worried that these eggs would also fail. We put the eggs from the incubator to the hatcher three days before they were due to hatch. One decided to hatch that day and it has taken four days for five to breakout. It wasn’t a great success under 50%. Those Goslings that have made it look good and strong. We have had a lot better success with the Turkey and Bantams hatching. 80% of the Turkey eggs have hatched and about 65% of the Bantam. The Bantam eggs were due to hatch at the same time as the Goose eggs, as we have only one webcam working on the hatching we put a hatcher in one of our Holiday Cottages so that our Guests could see the hatching live.