There will not be a Diary again but I have…

December 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

There will not be a Diary again, but I have put on the Photo page five new photographs. I have replaced the first five.

I spoke to The Scottish Wildlife Trust today. Their computer should be working Monday to start broadcasting again.

The first one and third from Gillian. Good Christmas photographs.
I think some other readers may be interested in the picture I took recently of a reindeer’s feet! They are this unusual shape to help them walk on snow [and possibly it aids flying through the night sky too!] It is similar to a camel’s foot, which is, of course designed to walk on sand.
I also enclose one pic of the whole animal! GJ

Second one from Vicky.
Here is a photo of the cheeky squirrel that we have visiting our garden on a daily basis, if the door of our conservatory is open and there are nuts around, he comes in and helps himself. Vicky, Derby.

The fourth one is from Jennie and Roy who had one of Puppies, Whisper.
He is absolutely lovely,
he is coming along nicely with his training he walks to heel and sits and
stays (most of the time when he is told) he started to run away when he was
called to “come” but that is getting better now. (He thought is was a game
mummy running after him all round the field for an hour!!!!!!)
How is Tass (or Ky, whichever one is the pup) getting on? Would love to see some pictures of her and any of the other pups if you have any. Whisper is getting along great and we love him dearly. Best regards Jennie and Roy.

The last one being from Julia. Julia’s discretion is on 18th Diary.

There are only a few more photographs to go on the Photo page. Please send any that you have, any thing festive I will also put on.