This morning we were standing by the stables whilst the…

September 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

This morning we were standing by the stables whilst the Farriers was attending to Bliss. A Robin that we often see, was picking up the left overs from the Horses morning feed, it is always about when we are mucking out or feeding the Horses. All the time we were outside the Robin was within a couple of feet of us. All of a sudden, so fast that it had happened before it had begun, a Sparrow Hawk came down and picked the Robin off. We all looked at each other to see what we had seen had really happened within a couple of feet from where we were standing.

I have seen a Sparrow Hawk take Dove on the wing a many times at Denbury. A few years ago we had one nesting in the cottages loft. It had got in the hole that use to be put into buildings to encourage the Barn Owls. It would perch on a telegraph pole very close to the cottages, waiting for the Doves. The Doves would wait on the roof of the cottages not daring to fly until the Sparrow Hawk had gone. But on many occasion as we were working in the yard, we would see him take a Dove.

At the time we had two nurses living in the cottage that was below the loft where the Sparrow Hawk was nesting. We were told later that they had been buying mice to feed the Chicks with. Odd pair they were. If I ever wrote a book they would defiantly have a mention or two.

We needed to have the Farrier in today to see to Bliss’s hoof. She has been limping on it on and off for some weeks. One day she would be alright on it, the next day she would be hardly able to walk. We have been poulticing it hoping we could draw any infection out. It didn’t take the Farrier long to find the problem. The infection had moved until it got deep into the heel. He cut away the dead hoof where the infection was hiding. Although the pain was relieved nearly straight away, Bliss has been limping in anticipation of her still having the pain.

I have all of the parts that I need to finish installing the camera on to the new tower. All I need is t find some one to take the old camera down. With a bit of luck it will be working next week.