This morning when I went to fill the bird feeders…

May 23, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

This morning when I went to fill the bird feeders, I startled the Buzzard that had been perched on the feeders last evening. It was in the orchard close to the feeders, eating a freshly caught young Rabbit. The feeders are a good vantage position to swoop on Rabbits, that have many warrens in the banks along the side of the pathway, by the orchard. Now that the Buzzard has caught one Rabbit in the area, I am sure that it will return regularly.

There are also a lot of Squirrel that use the feeders, and they are as likely as the Rabbits, to be a dinner for the Buzzard. The Rabbit warrens are very close to where the Rabbits graze, and is a quick and easy refuge for them. The Squirrel when startled, will run the length of the path, about fifty metres in the open, to their drays, or where ever they hide out, so for sure if the Buzzard returns, the Squirrels will be a target. There were six Squirrels in the area today, so one or two will not be missed.

We tried to get Ky to swim in view of the camera this afternoon. If you missed it, you didn’t miss much. In view of the camera she had a paddle, with the water a litter deeper than the underside of her belly. We walked around the lake and out of view of the camera, she then decided to plunge her self into the water. After a quick swim and paddle she came out. We thought that she had, had her swim for the day, until walking back she decided to plunge herself in again. Unbeknown to Ky, it was quite deep, with no paddling area. A bit of panic set into Ky and ourselves, she was trying to doggy paddle and lunge herself back to the bank at the same time, but she was getting nowhere fast. It seemed like forever, but of course it was only seconds. One of us may have had to paddle out to rescue her. I don’t know if it would have been me, for she somehow managed to get back to the bank, to having to be unceremoniously dragged out of the lake by the scruff of her neck. Surprisingly it did not put her off, for although she did not swim, she did paddle once again when we got back into view of the camera.

Lady and the Foal went off to the stud this afternoon, for Lady to be covered by a Stallion called Generous. We have only sent her for a walk in covering, so that they are returned back to the farm, as soon as possible. As soon as she has been covered, hopefully within a few days she will be returned. We have purposely sent her to the nearest Stud to the farm, that has good Sires. It is in Dorset, a little over an hour away from us. I wont send Horses on long journeys if I can help it. Believe me some horses are sent on journeys of many hours, including overseas by ship and air. Lady and Woody will miss each other. I can hear Woody calling out as I write, and Lady wasn’t best pleased once she realised that she was in the Horse box, we could hear her calling out all the way, as the Horse box drove up the drive. Woody hasn’t been to good today, she hasn’t eaten her feed and has been laying down a good deal of the time that she was in the field. Her condition is up and down from day to day. It does seem that she is a little better, on the bad days. We will just have to wait and see how she goes through the Summer. It would have been nice if she had have been able to stay out with the other Horse tonight, but then it is not possible to keep a check on her. Branston is company for her, although she does put her ears back every time he puts his head into her stable. Without lady being around, she may decide to be a little kinder to him.