Three new photographs have been put onto the photo page…

December 13, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Three new photographs have been put onto the photo page. From Julia’s Garden is a Badger and a Long tailed Tit and Elsie’s Ducks on her pond.

Pats mentioned on her entry on the forum yesterday, that a report on the BBC Countryfile last Sunday that Farmer would have the right to refuse a Badger cull on their land. I cant really see how that would work. There will have to be a cull in an area as a whole, to get a true result of what the cull achieved. The Government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir David Kings has been crucified by a number of organisations, on the findings of his magnificent seven. Many have come to think that he was nobbled by the Government to release the crap that he has. The Government will have to be either stupid or on a death wish to allow a cull. They are not the most popular at the moment, a Badger cull would make them even less so. If I get a choice if there was a cull, one wouldnt happen here. Any person that I knew who was involved in a cull, I would give out there names, address and phone numbers, on this website for those who wanted to make representations to them.

Branston is using Lady’s stable tonight, as we have concreted the corral post in to the ground today. Branston likes to have a little scratch from time to time, we don’t want him moving the posts if he decided to use them for scratching his backside. Once the corral is finished we will need to make an area available to Branston to him to take cover. We hope that we will be able to let Branston and Smuggler run together, when we bring Smuggler down to break. With Smuggler now being gelded and Branston still being young it should work. Of course Sonny need to be gone first.

All though we are not members, we use a Farmers co-operative to purchase all our fencing and animal feeds. There prices are a lot better than most suppliers and the quality is always better. Their stores are not massive but they some how manage to sell every thing that a Farmer needs, plus every thing else you can imagine. White goods, sweets, plants, wines etc etc I could keep going on. For the first time yesterday, when I collected the fencing for the corral and the Horses feed through the Christmas period, I noticed that they also sold Christmas Trees. We would normally buy our tree from a Christmas Tree Grower, quite local to us, and have done so for years. We normally buy a 6 foot Nordmann Fir, costing as near as could be to