Tomorrow is the last day that I can register Bliss…

September 16, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Tomorrow is the last day that I can register Bliss and Misty for the October Bloodstock Sales in Doncaster. It is going to be a very tough decision to make to register them for the sale. I have been putting it off for months, hoping that I could get people to go into a syndicate or partnership to race the pair of them with, a website that I started some years back offering Horse Racing and Breeding Partnerships. But there has been very little response. They are the best two Horses that I have bred, I would like to race them myself, but as they are both quality Horses, but I have other projects that I should spend the money on.

Bliss being a three quarter sister to a Group two winner will fetch a substantial price at Auction, Misty because of Woody’s breeding and her conformation, should also get a good price. The trouble is that we are very attached to both Horses. Being literally at the very start of their lives, makes it even worse to part with them.

Being that I have been undecided about selling them, they are not prepared for the sale, that is about a month away. If I decide to sell them we will need to do a lot of work on them to get them ready for sale. They will need to walk well on head collars. Both have had them on, but neither walks to good on them. We will also need to prepare them by getting them fit, by walking out and a little lunging on long reins. This will tighten them up and hopefully show the best of their conformation and quality of their breeding. So there will be a lot of work over the coming weeks.