We are really thrilled to announce that we are to…

April 26, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We are really thrilled to announce that we are to host the web cams for The Scottish Wildlife Trust at their Lock of the Lowe’s centre, focusing through the summer on their nesting pair of Ospreys. The web cams that are in place at the centre now, update and have a 30 second cut off. We will be broadcasting the web cams real-time live, 24/7. This will be possible as there is a Infra Red lamp already installed, positioned on the nest.

The agreement that we will be hosting the web cams for The Scottish Wildlife Trust was only finalised this afternoon. We will be sending to them an 18x Zoom, Pan and Tilt Camera and all the ancillary equipment next week, and would hope that we will be live broadcasting very soon. I will keep you up to date on how it is progressing.

The 18x Zoom, Pan and Tilt camera will hopefully allow the centre to show other wild life, Red Squirrel, Fallow and Roe Deer and in the winter a great assortment Wildfowl. You can access The Scottish Wildlife Trusts web site at www.swt.org.uk where you can see the current web cams position on the Ospreys nest, that has three eggs that the female is brooding. You are also able to access the Osprey diary to keep you up to date with the nesting site.

We also hope very soon to be able to announce another exciting addition to our web site, that we will be hosting, again in Scotland. As well as other wildlife you should be able to see elusive Pine Martin.

We agreed last year to broadcast an all year roost of Barn Owls, that regularly nest. Unfortunately we have as of yet not been able to get together on a time to install the cameras. I will endeavour to try to sort it out next week. Some exciting new addition are happening.

I am sorry about the short diary entry for last night. Woody being unwell put me behind with my work, I was working until past 10pm. Although Woody looks well on camera through the day she is very ill and it could well be a terminal illness. We are treating her for pain, but can do very little more until after she has foaled.

Lady, oh Lady you are giving me to many disturbed nights. I reckon I will be waking every hour, every night for the rest of my life, with the waking that I am having to do, to keep an eye on you. Your belly is enormous and you waddle in like a duck, when I stable you of a night. I feed you, groom you, make your bed, a proper little gofer for you, and you keep me awake all night, not to mention your audience.

I must remember to turn the light out on the Blackbird nest tonight. When I checked the nest last night, the Blackbird was not sitting on the nest. I may be wrong, but I didn’t think that they fed their young in the night. If I am not wrong the light may have caused her to think it was daytime. I wouldn’t like to think I had made her work overtime. The camera I use on the nest has a built in IR lamp. I will look tonight to see if she is sitting.

The forum has been quiet today, have you all deserted me, or making up lost sleep, because of Lady.