We checked Lady s foaling dates and they are correct…

April 13, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We checked Lady’s foaling dates, and they are correct, so she is about three weeks overdue. I should think that it may be to do with Woody being unwell. Lady has always been very dependant on Woody. Woody’s illness has caused her to stress out a bit.

When ever Woody crashes out in the paddock, I take her back to her stable. After I had taken Woody in, Lady would stand by the gate and continually call out for her. Over the past weeks, with Woody going into to her stable early, Lady is getting use to Woody not being about so much, and has called far less. Hopefully this will be the start of her not depending on Woody, as much as she does.

We did a bit better with the Sheep movement today. We managed to pen two Ram Lambs and the Flock or Stud Ram. We made sure that we had a cover on the top of the trailer, so they were not able to jump out. About an hour later, Dolly, Minty, Cranberry and an other Ewe followed the bag of feed, into the pen. We also managed to pen the Lambs in with them. Unfortunately I had not made it as secure as I should, and the lambs managed to find a way out. Dolly’s Lambs waited patiently outside for her. Over two hours or so, the other Lambs came to the pen to feed off of their mothers. I managed to catch all the Lambs and put them into the trailer. Dolly jumped into the trailer to be with her Lambs. I managed to get the other three Ewes into the trailer, and I took four Ewes and five Lambs to the field that I had prepared for them. There are now nine Sheep and five Lambs captured. Still a long way to go, but we will get there.

These two pairs of Geese wont give up. I was just going to write that a pair had settled, as there were only one pair on the lake today, and they were on the island. When I checked on camera this evening, the other pair were back and still fighting. Surly one pair must go and find another nesting site.

After seeing the posting about the Butterfly Farms cameras, I phoned them, The Ant camera should be on now, on the Butterfly Farm camera two. They were going to try to put the new cameras in place this afternoon. If they manage to get them up, they will get an electrician, to get them on line. This will not take to long. The cameras are off very often. I know that is because of circumstances beyond their control. As soon as they realise that the cameras are off, they will quickly restart them.

The Astro camera are run by myself. What I am trying to do with it, has never been attempted in the format that I am trying. The Telescope has had to be returned to the suppliers, because of a minor problem. Whilst at the suppliers the Telescope will be setup and tested. I am new to Astronomy, and although it is a very sophisticated piece of equipment, it does need a lot of my time to use it to its full potential. When it is returned I will explain all about this.