We do need a stable name for Lady s Filly…

May 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We do need a stable name for Lady’s Filly Foal. As I have said before Thoroughbred Horses are not given names by the breeder, if it is the intention to sell it for racing, the racing owner should name it. We did consider the names that were suggested on the forum. Some we did not like and the ones that we did were more the sort of name that we may have chosen if we were going to race the Horse. We have thought of a few that we like, but we really cannot make up our mind what to name her, see what you think and let us know from these, unless you have any other suggestion for us. Pepper, Spice, Whisper, Whizz, Fizz, Ceder, Willow, Sky and Twist.

Talking about names, when I have written about the Deer on the farm, I have named the sex, as maybe Stags or Doe etc, But certain breeds of Deer do have different names that go back over the centuries. The Red Deer Male is a Stag, the females are Hind and the young are Calf. Roe and Muntjac Deer adults are both called Bucks for the Males, Does for the Females. The Roes young are Kids and the Muntjac is a Fawn. Fallow Deer that are not found in the West Country, are named the same as the Muntjac. Even though I know the names, I do at times get it wrong. Although you know what I mean if I do.

I don’t know if it is good or bad news. Coming back this evening from supper in Minehead, as we came along the drive, we saw one of the Geese on the island, the other one was swimming around it. I will start to put the bait down for the rats, I believe they are the main problem. In the area that the Geese use to lay out on, and graze, I will put in fencing posts about five feet out of the ground. I will then string in between them, so that if any Rooks or Carrion Crows come down they will touch the string, that will make them fly off. Also I can use the posts to electric fence the area to stop the Fox and Badger. I will also put a ramp from the water onto the island. After all that, I bet they don’t nest, and if they do the Otter or Mink will get the Goslings.