We don t get a lot of time for holidays…

April 21, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We don’t get a lot of time for holidays, in fact we have not had one for so many years, I cant truly remember the last one. We did manage to be away from the farm for twenty four hours last summer, when we went to the East End of London. If it had not been a very special friends retirement bash, we would not have had that time off. The lady is a very special person who has forgotten more about horses than I know. When ever I needed advice or help, she was the one I went to. She got an MBE for her work for RDA. She is responsible for the Docklands Equestrian Centre, that she worked tirelessly to achieve. It is a magnificent centre, probably the best in the country.

Today we had another two hours away from the farm. We went to the seaside, that is only a twenty minute drive away, and we had fish and chips on the beach. In the summer we try to do it once a week. We call it our holiday and believe me it is a break. With Lady due to foal we cant stay away from the farm for long. Two hours for really to long.

I have been making the new Badger Hide, the last one blew away in the gales last year. We made a temporary one for our holiday guest over Easter. If we had another gale that would have flown away to. This one is a bit more substantial and will be anchored into the ground. I am a little concerned if the Badgers will take to it, with the Cubs due out soon. We have guest due in a weeks time. The Badgers need to be use to the new hide by then. I will get the frame up tomorrow and see what they think of it.

Coming back from feeding the badgers for the past two evenings, I have seen one of the Geese flying back to the lake, I could hear him calling as he flew along the valley towards the lake. I take it, it was the Gander. I hope that he is not playing away, as the Goose has been incubating her eggs on the island. I have not heard the other pair of Geese for a couple of days, I should think they are looking for another nesting site. That is why the Gander feels safe to be away. I would guess that the eggs will hatch in about twenty six days. I will have to think of a way to stop the Gosling from being taken by their predators, but I don’t hold out much hope for them.