We had a power cut on Monday Tuesday night We…

February 5, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

We had a power cut on Monday/Tuesday night. We only knew about it at 5.30am when one of our holiday guests knocked us up after realising that the incubators would have stopped. The electricity company were quick to respond finding a main fuse on an outside pole had blown, but it was not until nearly 8.am before we had our electricity working.

Unfortunately it looks very much as if we have lost all of the Emu Eggs that we had incubating. The fist 20 were due this to hatch this week but but there is no signs of any hatching. There are about a 100 egg incubating. Being that we are unable to candle the Emu Eggs we will have to let them go for the full 55 days just in case by chance the odd one survived. I am not holding my breath. We must have had nearly 200 eggs and have managed to put 18 new one in the incubator yesterday. I am not sure how many more eggs we will get. I have let two Male Emu sit eggs. One is sitting over 10, not sure about the other one. The intention was to allow after this week all of the eggs to be hatch naturally by the Emu. But I would like to incubate some eggs. Until I let the Emu sit the eggs we were getting 20 plus eggs a week but that has reduced now they are sitting. We may be lucky.

This afternoon I went to show Julia and Chris the signs of where the Otter was on the bottom Pond. I expected to find some of Otter droppings, but the first sign of the Otter that we came across was the scales of a 10lb Carp that the Otter must have had for his dinner last evening. That is how you can tell if it is an Otter rather than Mink. Mink will eat all of the Fish, the Otter will leave the scales. About 10 years ago there must have been an Otter with Cubs on the main Lake as every day for weeks I was finding the scale from 1 or 2 large Fish by the side of the Lake. The main lake as you know is electric fenced against both the Otter and the Fox. Seeing the scales today has given me a reality check and realised that the Fish taken would cost in the region of