We have a farmer very close to Denbury he has…

August 17, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We have a farmer very close to Denbury, he has little or no respect for wildlife or the public or other peoples property, when he is out shooting. Unfortunately he has taught his sons to be the same.

Back in the spring I found the son shooting in a wood that is adjacent to my fields, it is owned by Somerset County Council. No one has permission to shoot in the wood. All farms that are adjacent to the wood were sent letter to that effect only months before. He was obviously shooting at Rooks nests to kill the chicks. Rooks do need culling, for the right reasons, time and where you have permission to shoot. Not only was he killing Rooks he had also shot a Blackbird, I found the wounded bird and had no alternative but to kill it, it was not going to live.

This is just one of many incidents with these people. They regularly shoot in the woods without permission, on or so near to footpaths in the woods. Someone will be killed with their indiscriminate shooting. I have come very close myself, a friend of ours was horse riding on the bridel path in the same wood when one of the family who had not been seen by our friend shot their gun within feet of her, causing her horse to be frightened. Both our friend and her horse were fortunate not to have been severely injured.