We have been experiencing our broadband connection on Denbury Farm…

May 27, 2008 in webcams by MrFarmer

We have been experiencing our broadband connection on Denbury Farm Cam 1 & 2 going off intermittently, I will keep checking to make sure that they are on. If they do go off, they will be put back on very quickly.

Starting from number six there are five new photographs on the Photo page, all sent in by Anjela, Connecticut USA. There will be five from the other Angela tomorrow.


House Finch.



Baby Crow.

A number of you saw the large bird on the Lake and on the bank of the Lake yesterday. It was a Cormorant a Bird that you really don’t want on Lakes that have Fish. They tend to to be coastal birds, but are just as happy on inland waters where there are Fish. They are excellent divers and under water swimmers. And also very greedy. We tried for a long while to frighten the Bird off of the Lake, but it only went when it decided to. When it dived under water it came up as far as a 100 metre from were it went down. I was only saying to one of our Holiday guests the day before, that we have never seen a Cormorant on our Lakes. There are many Fishing Lake that are inundated with Cormorants a real nightmare. I should think that with the Gales that we had yesterday that it came inland. I hope so and hopes that it forgets its way to Denbury in future.

What some of you thought were rats on the webcam last night, were in fact Field Mice. As much as I hate to see them or Rats I do try to encourage the Field Mice, as they are the main food source for Owls. We let the small field that you see the badgers in to over grow and die back, It allows a thick base of dead grass under the growing grass, a good habitat for the Mice and Voles. We also do not let any livestock graze the field for the same reason. Also with the holes that the Badgers have dug it would be dangerous for animals to graze, as they could well break legs if there legs go down the holes.