We have company this evening so it will be a…

November 3, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We have company this evening, so it will be a quick update tonight.

No Elsie, the Sheep did not go to market today, I had a lot to do this morning and by the time I had finished it was to late. They will be going next week.

Pat, I will definitely let you all see Bliss and Misty before they go off to France. We are not looking forward to be saying goodbye to them. They are enjoying their work being broken. We give them two days off a week, when we turn them out on those days they wait by the gate in expectation. It is not a promise, but we will try to let you see them being ridden before they go. if we can we will do it on a Sunday, maybe next. I will let you know well before.

After I finished my work this morning I phoned a wholesale nursery about the trees we are going to plant. When we plant trees we mainly use whips, they are very cheep, three foot wild cherry are priced at about 54p. Although very low in price they tend to do a lot better than pot grown. We will be buying some larger trees to put in areas as where we planted the Willow yesterday. We probably look at buying some Maple, Ash and we are also able to get some Elm whips, to replace some of the Elm that have died. The only large tree that we are going to get is a Weeping Willow to go by the lake.