We have decided to try Twitter You can catch upon…

February 21, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

We have decided to try Twitter. You can catch upon the latest news on our Twitter site. http://twitter.com/denburyfarm Join and be one of our followers http://twitter.com

Although the Emu and Rhea are . easy to look after they have increased our workload giving me less time to do a Diary or upload any photographs on the Gallery but I will try harder.

Three batches of the Emu eggs have not hatched, so it seems that the power cut we had did not do us any favours. The three batches came from the small incubator. It is possible that the bigger incubator may not had suffered so much, but I wont be holding my breath. We were looking forward to having the Emu Chicks to show on the webcams and for our Holiday Guests to see. The Emu are still laying and we have managed to put another 40 eggs in the incubator since the power cut. We have let two Emu sit eggs in their paddock. One is very diligent and has not moved off of the eggs at all. The other one is a waste of time, on and off its nest allowing the eggs to get cold. Other females are still laying on the nest, but they will not hatch so I am having to put my hand under the Emu to find the new laid eggs.

We have given up trying to return Edwin back with the other Emu. We have returned him twice but he just comes back to be close to the Farm House. When we went looking for our Sheep a couple of weeks back we found the way Edwin was getting back to the Farm. There were some of his feathers on a fence where he had got through, so as we thought he was travelling nearly a mile through the Woods and Fields to get back to us.

The Black Swans really have brought the Lake alive since they have been here. We are getting lots of Geese and Ducks visiting. There have never been so many Ducks living on the Lake. There have been a two regular small flocks of Canada Geese visiting, some times staying over night. One a flock of six and another of eleven. The good news is that last years breeding pair are coming regular and have been going on to the Island. This morning we have seen them mating and chasing off the other Geese. Not sure how the Swans will react as they have also been visiting the Island over the past two weeks, so much so that they flattened the grass that I usually need to strim. Could be that they are trying to stop the Geese from settling.

Have to finish now as Dennis is very unwell. Must admit it doesnt look good. I have given him antibiotics and we have got him in the Farm House in front of the aga keeping him warm. His breathing is very laboured, he is not eating but we are trying to get him to take a little water with a syringe. I will let you know how he gets on.