We have Friends staying this week so the Diary will…

June 23, 2009 in webcams by MrFarmer

We have Friends staying this week so the Diary will be a bit hit and miss when I manage to find the time.

We have also had a very busy day so I haven’t got the time to put any photographs on.

After a hectic morning of cleaning stables and preparing a stable for the Wallaby Joeys we finally left for Cricket St Thomas to collect them a couple of hours later than we intended. The Joeys had been weaned for a little over a week and were in an area away from the group. By the time that we had turned the car and trailer around at the Wildlife Park the Joeys had been caught and put in carry cages to be let loose into our trailer, so that they were not confined in a very small area.

After an initial panic the Joeys soon settled and sat quietly for the whole of the return Journey. We arrived back at Denbury a little after half an hour after we had left Cricket St Thomas. We parked in the Farm |Yard to let the Joeys settle before putting them into their holding stable until they got use to the different noises. It was then that one of them decided that the plastic window at the front of the trailers was an escape route and it kept charging into the window trying to get out. We found a dark blanket and covered and darken the window. It seems to have worked and the pair of Joeys have now quietened down. I am going to have to leave them in the trailer for a few days so that they do not have any chance of escaping. It is secure and very large so it is ideal for a couple of days to quieten them and for them to realise that they are not in any danger, We will them move them into the stable that we have prepared for them, letting them out into the confined area in front until they have the confidence to venture a little further to graze and meet the other animals, Chickens and Geese.
I hope to get a camera working so that you can see them.

This morning we hunted every where for the remains of the Goose that was taken yesterday afternoon by a Fox. There was not a sign of her any where. Before we left to collect the Joeys we put all of the Geese away just in case the Fox returned. About half an hour of arriving back at the Farm we found what at first we thought was one of the Geese we had put away walking close to the Holiday Cottages. We thought that one that we had put away had flown over the half open stable door. On a second look after seeing how she was walking we realised it was the Goose who we had thought the Fox had got. Both yesterday and this morning we had hunted high and low for her with out any luck. Where she had been I really don’t know.