We have seen two Little Grebes on the lake for…

December 2, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We have seen two Little Grebes on the lake for the past couple of days. It is the first time this year that we have seen them. Usually we have a pair on the lake for most of the summer. It could be that we haven’t seen them, for when ever they see us they dive down in to weeds below the water to hide. They seem to be able to stay under the water for ever. When they do come back to the surface they never rise in the place where they dived down, it is always a long way off.

Now that Bliss an Misty are not on the Farm, we are going to start to break Smuggler and Branston. They will not be as easy to break as the Fillies, as they are older and will be a bit more set in their ways. Smuggler is coming five years old and Branstone three.

Before we start to break them, Smuggler will need to come down into the main yard with Branston. Unfortunately before we can bring him down Sonny will have to be sold. Sonny is an 11.2hh Dartmoor Pony that we got in to keep Smuggler company as he was a Colt. Now that he has been gelded, he will be able to go into the field with the other Horses. Sonny is to small for any one at Denbury. He is a very smart little pony, dark bay with four white socks, he will only be wasted here. He will make a great little show or a child first pony.

Once broken we will probably keep Smuggler as a riding Horses. Even as a Colt he was very laid back and easy to do. He should have been broken a couple of years ago, and If we hadn’t been so busy he would have been riding out by now. He will love the attention when he comes down and is being broken. We did try to sell him in the Summer. The money that we were prepared to let him go for was silly money. If any one had bought him, it would have been the best buy that they would have had, he is extremely well bred and will make a very good event Horse. One Women who came wanted both Smuggler and Sonny, trouble was she must have thought we were daft. She thought that we would let her take them away without paying for them, to see if they would be suitable. She was sent on he way with the sharp end of my tongue. We are unsure what we are going to do with Branston. Again he is extremely well bred. We will have to look at all the options with him. Now that we have a camera in the sand school we will let you see some of the work when breaking Smuggler and Branston.

The weather is awful tonight, tipping down with rain and gale force winds. It was nearly as bad last night, it did look a bit like snow last night. The Horses are in and stabled, so we are having to muck the stables out of a morning. I hope that this is not the start of Winter.