We went to Minehead this evening for our Fish and…

September 12, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We went to Minehead this evening for our Fish and Chip. Because the weather forecast was for a sunny warm day, we decided last night that we were going today. Guess what, those overpaid useless forecasters got it wrong again, actually I think it should be as usual instead of again. The best part of it is that we pay for them to get it wrong. Today instead of being sunny it has been overcast all day. They got it wrong a couple of days ago, they blamed it on thin cloud. What do they mean by thin cloud. Clouds, cloud, with satellite unless you are looking in the wrong place you cant miss it. Any way thins cloud is a new one on me. It did start spitting a few drops of rain as well, that wasn’t forecast either, our small bales of hay are still in the field.

At least it was quite warm at Minehead. The Fish and Chips were good, and and we got there a little earlier today than we normally do, so we had a little time to mooch around. We parked on the Harbour. Whilst eating a few men came with their speedboat and water ski’s. The water looked a bit to cold to be standing in, but one of the men was nearly chest high in the water. Cant imagine the wetsuits that they use can keep them that warm in the water. Anyway we had a good view of them starting off. That looked a bit hairy with the speed that they need to get started. Love to try it, but maybe not so fast.

Walking around the harbour, we came across three children with their parents. they were all fishing with hand lines. For crabs they told us. I suppose that their ages where about nineish. They were fishing from the steps that go from the top of the harbour to beach below. It is very high and the tide was coming in. Minehead is in the Bristol Channel, the second highest tide in the world, with very strong currents. About a month back a fifteen year old was Tomb Stoning off of the very same harbour in the same conditions as this evening. The poor lad got swept under the water with the current, and lost his life. A fisherman a couple of weeks back who we know, showed us where the Lad was found, just feet from the Harbour Wall. So I must admit it was a worry watching the children trying to catch the crabs, but I am sure that their parents were looking out for them, and they did look local. One Lass not with the family, pulled out a net in the shape of a bowls, she must have have over ten in the net. The three children with their hand lines caught one each just after the girl. Their parents were helping them get the crabs off of the bait, one fell onto the Lad, did he scream, that it was so close to getting on him. We did laugh, and I had to jokingly call him a wuss. He laughed him self.

We also spoke to a couple of locals, who were fishing off of the Harbour Wall. By all account they can catch a good variety of fish. Cod, Whiting, Pollock, Ray and a lot more than I cannot remember. Tongue in cheek I asked if they ate what they caught, for I must admit I would not be to keen to eat any thing from the Bristol Channel, they do, mind you they didn’t look to bad for it.

It didn’t finish there, for as we were leaving the Life Boats where starting to do their practice, We couldn’t stay and watch it all or we would not have got back in time to feed the Badgers. What we did see was very good. It turned out to be a very good evening. Well little things please little minds.