We were going to name the Filly today with one…

June 9, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

We were going to name the Filly today, with one of the names that some of you liked. We cannot remember without going back on the forum, what the majority wanted. We liked both of the names, they were Whisper or Willow. Let us know what you think. To Lady’s annoyance she is becoming a little independent, very often wandering off with Bliss and Misty. When Lady calls for her, she now sometime doesn’t hear or pretends not to. Misty and Bliss get the blame, with Lady pacing over to them, with her ears back in a threatening posture.

As I am writing I can hear the Magpies intimidating the other birds. How they get away with darting in and out to take the Badgers feed, I cant imagine. A couple of times I thought that one of the Badgers may have hurt one of them. It is surprising how fast the reactions of Badgers are, and also how fast they cover the ground when they are on the move. The shape and size of them gives the impression that they are slow and awkward. Far from it, they can outrun me, and they can keep going at a constant pace for miles.

Over the past week or more there have been two or three Herons on the lake every day, after the fish. I have made you aware of my feeling for the Herons. I don’t want them here. That is why you may see me scanning the lake with the camera, from time to time over the day. As well as seeing what there is on the lake, it is also to look for Herons. From the house to the lake it is about a 150m. Believe me, when I see one on the lake I don’t hang about to get there to frighten them off. I don’t suppose that I see many of them.

Breeze is really getting the hump being behind the electric fencer on her own. We have had Breeze longer than any of the Horses, so she is a bit special to us, and we do feel guilty having to do it to her. We know that there is no alternative, but it doesn’t help. When we give the Horses a little feed in the morning and of a night we put Arnie in with her. I shouldn’t think that it helps a lot, probably it make it worse, as he is only in with her for an hour at most. Tomorrow we will get Breeze in with Arnie for a few hours. More than likely she will go out for a ride.