What a sadistic lot some of you are asking if…

October 6, 2010 in webcams by MrFarmer

What a sadistic lot some of you are asking if I had given the Bees the second dose of the treatment. Just waiting for me to tell you that I had been stung again. Sorry I cant give you that satisfaction for it was raining on Sunday when I was going to do the job, and you don’t do Bees in the rain I was advised. I have been trying to do it ever since but I have just not managed to find the time as I have been collecting materials to make a new enclosure area for a new webcam that I am starting to set up on the Farm. I am 99% sure that it is going to happen but I don’t want to say any for two reasons. One reason I will tell you when I get the new animals on the Farm, the other because I want to torment you. But it will be worth waiting in suspense for when I tell you.

I got a phone call last night at just before 11.pm from a lady who was concerned about a Badger that was laying flat out looking rather dead or ill next to the feeding area. I must admit it didn’t look to good to me when I viewed the webcam so I made me way up to where it was. Trouble is in my haste I forgot that that just before the gate that I get over to the feeding area an old dead Elm tree had fallen and I finished up flat on my face. The noise I made cursing and falling had woken the Badger who must have been a sleep. I reckon he may well have had a good helping of the fallen apples in the Orchard. I did curse the Lady at the time. But It was good that she phoned as only the day before I found a dead Badger very close to the Farm entrance that more than likely came from our Sett. There were no signs that it had been shot, probably run over. But there is always the chance that it was poisoned.