When ever I see stock in my fields laying flat…

April 22, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

When ever I see stock in my fields laying flat out for a long while, I look at their ears, You can guarantee that if their is an ear sticking up it is alive, if not go and see why not. Animals are always listening for danger. Up to to today it has never been wrong. Late this afternoon rushing around getting the stables and horse feed ready I glanced Woody, she was flat out, ears down and she even had a hind leg sticking up, every sign that we had a dead horse. I didn’t need to look twice, we rushed to the field. When we where by her side she still looked dead, only when I touched her did she stir. We managed to get her up and back to her stable, once there she collapsed. Woody over the last week or so has been her old self, bossy, moody and full of life. This morning I let lady go out first, Woody kicked the door in protest and dragged me out to the field. She laid down a few times, I had the camera on her, there was not any thing wrong with her.

Woody is a little better now, she has eaten a little of her feed. I am now very concerned about the Foal she is carrying. Woody is showing signs of an udder, not as large as I would expect, she is due to foal on the 2nd of May. The Veterinary is coming to see Lady tomorrow. She was due to foal on the 9th of April. She is late but I am not to concerned, she looks very well, having a good sized udder, but she does waddle and is slow when walking back to her stable of a night time. Just got to be patient and unfortunately tired.

I put up the frame of the new Badgers hide today. As I am writing today’s Diary I am watching the Badgers on screen, every now and then one of the Badgers must see the frame and they run off in panic, but it is better than I thought it may have been. Hopefully I will get it finished tomorrow.

We managed to capture four more Ewes with their lambs today. It has taken a month to catch fourteen of the twenty four we have. I am a little bit please I haven’t got a hundred.

I had hoped to have time to look for more Bird Nests today. I did not get the time. I know where to pairs of Swallows will be nesting soon, I will keep watch and as soon as they look as if they are ready to lay their eggs I will get a camera on them. I have seen the Pied Wagtails near where I thought that they were going to nest, so I might be able to find their nest.

I have been thinking about the Squirrel obstacle course. I could start it off now, but there is so much going on at the moment I would not be able to set a camera on it for as long as it should get. I have decided to leave it until the Wildlife is quieter.