When I got back from France on Thursday I had…

November 25, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

When I got back from France on Thursday I had received a phone call from one of six UK Horse Trainers that I had contacted when I was first making enquiries about training Bliss and Misty for racing. You will probably remember better than me how long ago that was. But whatever, it was over two months ago. The phone call was the return call from then. I have only received one other reply from those six that I initially contacted. All the Trainers that I did contact were well known. I should think that the others will return my phone calls when their stables are not full. After my eye opening experience of the French racing set up, I would think that there could be more following my footsteps. Obviously Race Horse Owners in the UK are being taken for a ride. Excuse the pun. The wages in France are much higher than in the UK, Tax is also extremely high and they still manage to be a lot less in their training fees than UK Trainers. I will be making regular phone calls to the French Trainer about Bliss and Misty, and I will let you know how they are getting on. The Trainer has also said that he would send me photographs of Bliss and Misty. You will see a difference in them after a month or so. I will be visiting them late January.

When I spoke to the Trainer about Bliss and Misty when in Chantilly, he could see like me that Bliss would probably be racing before Misty, possibly about June next year. A few of the French Lads indicated with their hands, the size of Bliss’s hind quarters. That is the engine, she also has a large chest, another good sign. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Misty will be late racing or that either of them will be any good. I have seen both of them grow and Misty is an athletically built Horse.

Also when I returned from France I had an invoice waiting for me to cover the cost of the Sheep that I put into auction two weeks back. I must admit that being Portland’s was against them, but after commission, Tolls and Bio-Sercurity what ever they mean, I finished up owing the Auctioneers