When we came down this morning we found that Jade…

July 31, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

When we came down this morning we found that Jade our fourteen year old Springer Spaniel had died in the night. We had intended to take her to the Veterinary this morning, half expecting to have had to put her to sleep. We nearly decided to take her to the Veterinary last night, but the journey to their open surgery was a distance away, and it would not have been fair on her. The local surgery is little more than a mile away and would have been open this morning

Jade had been ill on and off for the past few months with the problem that she had with her epiglottis that was making her choke. The Veterinary had told us that it would not be advisable to operate on her at her age, although it would be eventually kill her. She has also had a growth that was very large, again inoperable. In spite of of her illnesses she was able to still get about the farm slowly. Even yesterday she managed to get herself outside and lay in the porch, maybe she knew that it would be for the last time. We have buried her by the lake with Cass.

Without any hesitation I would say that Jade dieing in the night was preferable than having to have her put to sleep this morning. She looked very peaceful when we found her with Tass lying by her side. Tass knew that Jade was dieing last night. We found her pawing at Jade trying to get her up, as she had done with the Puppies when she was with them. Jade was responding to her by wagging her tail. Even Kye has been paying more attention to Jade over the past week by licking round her when she was lying out. Jade dieing with Tass and Kye being there, seems to have made it easier for them. They both seem to forget and look for her, but soon get over it.

Jade was a very kind and faithful dog. She had never to our knowledge growled at any one. She would at any puppies that were in the house. She couldn’t be done with puppies, although she had a two litters herself and was a very good mother who produced very nice Puppies. The only trouble with Jade was everyone who knew her, liked her and she would take advantage of it, by scrounging food from people. We called her a user. If a holiday quest gave her food, they would be Jades best mate. When she went missing you knew where she could be found, with whoever had been feeding her. She would put on so much weight that we needed to tell people that under no circumstances was they to feed her tit bits. None of them really took any notice.

We nearly lost Jade when she was a puppy. Two walkers came through Denbury with a Springer Spaniel on a lead. Without me realising Jade followed them. It was over an hour later that I realised that she was missing, and thought that it was possible the walkers had stolen her. I drove around the footpaths like a maniac, through places that even my Landrover had a job to negotiate, I eventually realised that I should go to any car parks in the vicinity of the farm, that walkers may have parked their car. The first one had a car parked in it. As I was about to go to the next one, I saw the walkers. I waited to ask them if they had seen Jade. As they approached the women was hiding Jade under her coat, obviously trying to steal her. When I told them that it was my dog the man got very aggressive and went to hit me. I was a lot more aggressive and very easily got Jade back. But what I will always remember Jade for was that she was the best ratter that I have ever come across, when ever I screamed she knew that I had seen a rat, and more often than not she would get it.