Who s the cleaver one Within a few days of…

July 16, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Who’s the cleaver one. Within a few days of putting the branch in to the lake, we got a Kingfisher on camera at 4.15pm this afternoon. I have only seen one twice in all the time that have been at Denbury, as you can imagine I am really pleased that we managed to see one today. I hope that some of you also managed to see it.

Both Swallows nest have now fledged. The way it was looking I thought that the Swallows in the nest in the roof would not be leaving for a few days. As it happens they have been flying around the farm yard all day, only returning to the nest in the roof this evening. On the other hand the first nest, although chicks fledged yesterday, have been perched on the wire by the side of the nest waiting for the adults to feed them. Unlike the roof fledglings they look as if they will perch on the wire, rather than return to their nest.

The Farmer who’s farm our lambs had eloped to, brought them back. The idea was that he was going to phone us when he was getting his sheep in, and we were to help. Because they are young he took his Ewes into his field, where my lambs were. They all mixed in together and he was able walk them back to his barn, where he sorted mine from his flock, and put them into his truck, to return them to me. They will be on their way to market on Saturday. Five of the lambs are still missing. It could be that they were washed away in the flood, although I have not seen any signs of them.

Woody is still loosing weight. She is not in any pain, with the pain killers we are giving her. Although if any one sees her in the poor condition that she is in, they will feel that I am being cruel and I am making her suffer. I don’t think that unless the weather changes that I can keep her going much longer.

The Osprey chicks should continue returning to the nest until about the 20th of August. The Bird box that you may have seen on the SWT camera two today, is where you may see the Pine Martin. There have been four around that area for the past couple of days. The camera unfortunately is mine, that has gone wrong. I am sending a new one to them tomorrow. They also have an IR lamp that is going to be installed, so you may be able to see some thing at night.