With the Clocks going forward tonight…

March 24, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

With the Clocks going forward tonight, the Badgers will be fed at about 8.pm tomorrow

The Blackthorn trees started to flower today, for me a sure sign that spring is on its way. The trees delicate white flowers bring the hedgerows alive, after the long winter. Although the flowers last for a very short period, they are a delight, on dropping they leave for a short time, a white carpet on the ground.

The tree has had many uses over time, the flowers and autumn berries were said to have medicinal uses, the flowers as well as other uses, was said to make a pick you up tonic, the autumn berries were used for tummy upsets, with lots of preparation a syrup could be made for jams etc.

The wood was used for walking sticks, pegs and rake teeth. Because of its medicinal uses the tree was also associated with Black Magic. The main use on farms now is that it helps make, with other trees and shrubs, stock proof hedging to stop you animals from straying.

I am still having to bottle feed the remaining twin lamb. Although the Ewe has milk, she is reluctant to get up when the lamb needs it. The lamb tries to get to the udder when the Ewe is laying down, pushing as hard as it can to get in between the Ewes hind leg and belly. The Ewe just wont help her, although this evening when they came in, the lamb seemed to have a full belly, so it may have got more milk today.

The lamb knows when I am going to feed it. when it sees me it runs towards me bleating. Quite obviously it wants the feed, but it does not take the bottle very well, it tries to suck it from the side, it doesnt seem to get a lot that way. I struggle with it to make it take it properly, when it does it gets a full feed.

I am not convinced that the lamb will survive, there is a good chance that it did not get all the colostrum that it should have, when born. It had an infection to its upper eye lid, it was not very pleasant getting it sorted out. It looks a lot better now and should heal.