Woody died this afternoon It was a very difficult decision…

August 22, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Woody died this afternoon. It was a very difficult decision to have to make and one that I really did not want to make. Even up to the last minute I nearly stopped it from happening, but I knew that I would be stopping it for my feelings and not for Woody’s suffering. I just had to remember when we found her laying flat out in her stable unable to move with the pain she was having, or when she was pawing at the floor with her front feet or lifting her back legs up to her belly in pain.

Woody was collected from Denbury at 2.30pm and taken just a few miles to where her life was ended. I followed her and was with her until the very end at 3.pm. It was a very quick end and I promise she did not know what was going to happen to her, or did she feel any pain what so ever.

I knew last night that I needed to make a decision today. Once that decision was made it was important for the end to come immediately, or we may have changed our mind, leaving Woody to suffer for longer than she needed to.

It did not help that Woody seemed to be having a good day. To save Woody any stress by bringing her in on her own, all the Horses were brought in together. Although slowly she did actually trot in with the other Horses, who were all standing on the top of the hill in a group, fanning each other with their tails to keep the flies away. There was no fuss getting Woody into the horse box, she was spoilt with her favorites, apple, carrot and Herby Balls, even at the very end Woody was eating an apple.

I know that Lady is going to miss Woody, they have been together for about six years, always being stabled next to each other. Woody was the boss and she would let Lady know it. When we stable the Horses, we will put Breeze next to Lady to keep her company, although Branston is always next to Lady’s and Woody’s stable when they are in.

We know that we made the correct decision to end Woody’s suffering.