Woody has been quite ill for the past two days…

August 15, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Woody has been quite ill for the past two days, so much so, they for the past two nights we have had to keep her stabled, I also thought that I would have to get the Veterinary in to have her put to sleep. She was lying flat out and obviously in a lot of pain, when she did get up she was tucking her legs up, showing that she had pain in her stomach. We controlled the pain and eventually she was able to stay on her feet. We have let her out in the field with the other Horses tonight and she is grazing happily. I will have to make the decision over the next couple of days, but I know that with the pain she is getting, although we are able to control it to a certain degree, I can not let it carry on for much longer.

The Veterinary is coming this Friday to scan Lady to see if she is in Foal, I will get him to check Breeze over to see if she is also in Foal, it wont be necessary to scan Breeze, if she is in Foal the Veterinary will be able to tell by an internal examination. The Veterinary also has to blood test and microchip Willow. Willow being a thoroughbred, it will confirm her breeding.

Willow is turning out to be quite a size. A few of you have commented on the length of her legs. To notice that on a webcam shows just how long in the leg she is. I cant remember any Foal on the farm being as big as Willow at her age. Looking in the Stallion guide her Father, Lucky Owners is 16.0hh about the average for a Stallion, Lady her Mother again is average size, so I really would not have exspected Willow to quite so big at this time. She is also a very good shape. If she continues to grow with the size and shape she is, she will be a very nice Filly.

The Buzzard did pick a good spot to perch this morning. The post it was sitting on was to run the wiring across for the new IR lamp, to see down the farther valley, when I eventually got the time. That changed and the wiring can now be run on the stream bed. I had meant to take the post down as I had another place for it to be used. I will leave it were it is until the Buzzards stop feeding the youngster.