Woody has been walking about in the field most of…

May 4, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Woody has been walking about in the field most of the day. We keep going out to make sure she alright, when we cannot see her on camera. She has not laid sprawled out in the field at all today, or in her stable last night , the first time for a good few weeks. She has also eaten her last two feeds and finished off her hay that we put in her stable. Don’t read to much into today’s good news about her, it is just one day and her condition could well change.

I finally finished the new Badger hide, our holiday quests this week have been using it for the past three nights. It has been very successful with our quests seeing the Badgers and Foxes live, that you can see on camera. I was watching on camera and only once were they startled. Probably some of you saw it, when three of the Badgers rocketed back to their sett. They came back out again very soon after.

For the past five years, maybe longer we have had a Wren nesting within inches of of our head when we go out of our house door. The nest is the original one that the first Wren made, and is still in good condition. I have fixed a camera into the top of the nearly fully enclosed nest. Conveniently the nest had been made with a small hole in the top, just the size for the camera. We haven’t seen the Wren use the nest this year. We maybe lucky, so I have taken the chance.

We have not managed to catch the Fox cubs on camera yet. They are definitely there and make an awful racket just before dust, we can hear the noise with our farmhouse door closed. Most years they can bee seen in the vicinity of the tree house, and along that hedge running down on the left hand side to the old Oak tree, the field that Lady and the Foal are in of a day time.

The person who manages our website has not been able to get the Osprey camera on our site, he has promised that it will be on tomorrow. In the meantime you can access the web cam on http://wm9.easystream.co.uk/swt
You can see the Osprey at night as there is an infra red lamp installed. Do not save this URL in your favourites as it will change on Tuesday, the web cams will then only be able to be accessed on our site.