Woody has not stopped having very unwell periods since I…

April 10, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

Woody has not stopped having very unwell periods, since I last told you about her. It comes on so quickly, without any warning. A couple of days back, when we turned her out in the paddock, she seemed to be the best she had been for a long time. With out exaggeration, she came out of her stable, like a race horse coming out of the starting stalls. I was so shocked and unprepared, she initially was taking me to the paddock. In the afternoon she was flat out as if dying. It has been going on for so long now, that it can only be bad pains in the belly, or if you like colic, probably caused by the foal moving, or laying in an uncomfortable spot.

The trouble with colic, is that you can never be sure what type of colic is it. There are many causes for such pain, ranging from the mild and inconsequential to life threatening or fatal. One of the problems with equine colic is that it can be very difficult in the early stages to distinguish the mild from the potentially fatal. This is why we were concerned for Woody, we had to take the pains seriously right from the start.

I sure it would bore you if I went through the different types of colic, but we should presume that Woody , although in a lot of pain is experiencing a mild Spasmodic colic. Probably the most serious colic is Displacement colic, or Twisted Gut, without going into it, that is basically what it is. In most cases immediate surgery is required if the animal is to survive. Quite often even with surgery the animal will die.

Woody is about a month away from foaling. She does not look as large as she normally does, and I am a little concerned as to what the condition of the foal will be at birth, or indeed if Woody will be able to manage a foal. Once Lady’s foal has had a good first feed of the colostrum, I am hoping that there may be an amount, that I may be able to take for Woody’s foal, if it needs it. Chances are that I am over worrying, and all will go as it should do.

I was asked on the forum what Races Horses are the Horses we breed. They are all bred for the flat. I would worry for any Jump Horse, if I bred them. I don’t like to see a Horse run for great distances, with a lot of very high jumps.