You can just about see the heads of the Dove…

March 12, 2007 in webcams by MrFarmer

You can just about see the heads of the Dove chicks emerging today, It may sound cruel but I reckon that they are, well if I say that they are unattractive, it would be an under statement, the real word is ugly, but when mature they are a very attractive bird.

We let the Ewes and lambs out today, the last Ewe to lamb, who had the single lamb is doing very well, the lamb is already bigger than the twins. The twins are doing fine but not growing as quickly, although I should have expected it, being the breed very rarely has more than a single lamb, the Ewe looked a little down last night, that is why I made the decision to let them out this morning, the grass will buck her up.

A couple of entries on last nights forum, tells of one of the Badgers limping, when it was feeding last night. I must admit I did not notice it, it must have been because I was seeing how many were out, I will check it out tonight, although there is very little that can be done. Some years back, before we did the webcams we found an injured Badger, it was a bit of an experience getting it into the car to take to the vets, I would try to avoid doing it again, as I nearly got bitten. Our local RSPCA is West Hatch, I believe is the largest centre for wildlife in the UK, they told us they would contact us if they were going to release it, we never did hear back from them.

A question also asked last night on the forum, was who was more dominant, the Fox or Badger? The Badger is, their cubs will show themselves in a few weeks time and you will see how aggressive they can be to the Fox.

At this time of year the Vixen does not join in the feeding, as she is looking after her cubs in the lair, every year I tell myself that I will find the lair that is in the woods, close to the main horse field, but I can never find the time. This year I will make the effort to see them when they first emerge, and get them on the webcams.