Fishing Terms and Conditions

The following rules are to safeguard our Fish and those Fishing:

You must at all times:

  • Only use landing nets and unhooking mats/cradles supplied by Denbury Farm. And to be used at all time

  • Only two rods per person.

  • You must always use landing nets when landing fish, never leave them on the hook and line dangling what ever size they are

  • Fish must be returned to the water immediately and with care

  • Fish what ever size must never be thrown back into water. Place them in with time to recover what ever size they are

  • Barbless hooks. Barbed hooks are strictly banned

  • No micro barbs, no pinched or broken off barbs, only genuine barbless

  • Minimum 12lb line

  • Safety clips when ledger fishing. All leads must be free running

  • Hair Rigs must be used

  • No floating bait on surface

  • No keep nets

  • Never leave unattended line in the water and secure hook to rod

  • No Stalking (putting baited hooks in front of resting fish)

  • Fishing Dawn until Dusk

  • Poles allowed on Otter Holt Water only

  • When taking photographs of fish caught, do so above an unhooking mat and kneeling

  • We will always be interested in your photographs

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised when fishing

  • We allow most bait. If you are unsure please ask

  • Fishing is only for those on holiday. Visiting friends or family are not allowed to fish