Denbury Farm has three Fishing Lakes that are within 50m of the Cottages. The lakes are only for the use of our fishing guests. We do not allow day tickets so you are able to fish without the worry of finding a peg or leaving your equipment if you need to return to your cottage.

Little Grebe Water


Little Grebe Water is just over an acre with a depth of up to six foot.
The water source is from under ground springs that are full of minerals and nutrients, the best habitat for fish.



It has a mixed species of fish including Common Carp to 30Ib, Mirror Carp and Ghost Carp to 32lb +. There are also Crucian Carp to 4lb + and Roach and Rudd. to 3lb. There are also Green Tench. Our guest tell us that pound for pound these fish are some of the best fighting fish they have ever caught and we promise you wont find cleaner fish anywhere.


Kingfisher Flight Water

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Kingfisher Flight Water is just under an acre with a depth of up to ten foot. Where you can fish for Carp to 22lb,Bream to 12lb and for the 2015 season we have introduced 50 Green Tench from 5lb to 8lb+.
The water source is from over land springs with some minerals and nutrients.



It has just 3 species of Carp and Bream. Bream to 12lb Most people have not seen, let alone caught the size of Bream 12lb There are approximately of this size, with other up to 5Ib. Green Tench up to 8lb + Common Carp to 22Ib, Mirror to 19Ilb and Ghost Carp to 18Ib. The Carp are great fighting fish and again you wont find cleaner fish anywhere


Otter Holt Water


Otter Holt Pond is 1/2 an acre with a depth of up to 6 foot but mostly less.
The water source is the over flow of Little Grebe Water so as Little Grebe it is full of minerals and nutrients.

As Little Grebe a mixed water with Common, Mirror and Ghost Carp. Again the are Roach, Rudd, Crucian and Tench. All as clean and as hard fighting fish as the other two Ponds but as the water is not protected from the Otters we are unsure of the size of the fish. There are Roach, Rudd, Crucian and Tench of up to 2Ib plus and a Mirror Carp of over 12Ib was caught in 2013. Otter Holt is the only water where we allow Pole Fishing and Fishing line of 5lb.