14th July 2017

July 14, 2017 in new_blog by MrFarmer

I am going to do an update for those people who have been watching the web cams for many year and remembers the Diary. Thornton as you can see by the photo is still going strong. He must now be getting on for ten years old as is his sister Truffle. All the sheep are partial to ginger nut biscuits that some of our holiday guests spoil them with. We still have Mr Turkey (Christmas that Mrs Farmer doesn’t like me calling him) Gilbert the Quinea Fowl Mr Turkey best friend. Mr Cochinton their friend died of old age last year and a very colourful cross breed cockerel Toddy now make up the gang of three inseparable bachelor boys. Our pair of Llama are now nine and we still have four horse Breeze, Sprite, Bliss and Suzzie. We have several exotic animals other than the Meerkats that now number 20 that over the weeks I will tell you about. So as you can see Denbury Farm hasn’t changed much other than an increase in numbers.