22nd July 2017

July 22, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer

Just a quick update. We have taken Kez twice to be mated. Although Benson her boyfriend has been very keen, no mating had taken place, it was a bit too early. We sent blood away last Wednesday for progesterone test to see what part of her cycle she is in. The readings were low but we still took her to see Benson as Tass was riding her and we didn’t want to take a chance that we would miss any chance of a mating and getting Kez pregnant. Another blood test was taken yesterday (Friday) and the results were phoned to us today at 1.30.pm.It was good news, Kez is ready for mating today and tomorrow. Mad dash to finish cleaning the holiday cottages for our new guests that arrive a 4.pm so that we could get over to Benson as soon as possible. To Mrs Farmers surprise the roads were clear and being that the journey of about 10 miles is mostly on holiday routes it was a fast journey.
Initially Kez and Benson were pleased to see each other. Benson knew straight away his luck was in and straight away he tried to mount Kez. I don’t know what Kez was expecting, but for sure it was not what Benson was going to do and she wasn’t having none of it, pulling away and wanting to get back into the car as quick as possible. A big disappointment for Benson as it meant that Kez would have to artificial inseminated. The Ai was done and Kez will go back on Monday to be done again. Now it is a case of keeping our fingers crossed.    Photos is Benson and Kez