17th July 2017

July 17, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer

Over the many years we have lived at Denbury Farm we have always had Buzzard nesting. Although we have looked high and low we have never found a nest. They build 2 or 3 nests and will use them in alternative years. Last year they were nesting very close to the farm house in the wood. We saw both the parents and their young hunting the valley. The fledgling very often on a post waiting for their feed. This year they are at the other end of the valley nesting deep in the woods at the top of a high tree. the parents can be seen using the thermals to soar high in the sky and hovering above seeking rabbits and vermin to feed themselves and their chicks.

Over he weekend friends visited to check out our wildlife. They often come and give us interesting sightings. On searching the wood they came across this years nesting site. The parents gave the location away for instead of trying to distract them in the wrong direction as they were very noisy trying to get the chicks to leave the nest. Yesterday afternoon we spent an hour  to find the nest searching the area they had seen them. This time the adults were flying above calling out to distract us. It worked, after an hour we gave up and waited in the adjacent field in the hope they would go back to the nest. It didn’t happen. This evening  we heard the chicks calling. Chances are they have not fledged.