Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 5th August 2017

August 5, 2017 in new_blog by MrFarmer

Mrs Farmer on a walk with our dogs was in the valley this afternoon and came across a small herd Roe Deer in the valley field. Two Bucks,  four Doe and a couple of Fawn. Over the past few weeks the herd have been growing and we have seen them on the webcams from a Doe and a Buck to what Mrs Farmer came across today. Not a large herd but large enough for them to be rutting and there may well have been others in the woods that surround Denbury Farm, for we have seen them with our thermal camera of a night time. Mrs Farmer would be the first to admit it was a shock, for although we had seen a Red Deer Rut some years ago, this was the first Roe Deer and for it being able to be witnessed. Fortunately she had her camera with her and although the dogs were with her they stayed very quiet, quiet enough not to disturb the Deer and allow for some photographs to be taken. 
We farm Denbury Farm to be wildlife friendly, most farmers would say it is over run, (scruffy) but it does encourage  and being we are mainly surrounded by Ancient Woodland, our way of farming encourages great wildlife opportunities.
Mrs Farmer was allowed to watch the rut, courtship and mating  for a good three quarters of an hour. With the Buzzards calling above her whilst hunting, she had a great wildlife experience She returned home as the dogs were getting bored rather than the Deer leaving the valley.
Roe Deer mate July August time, but although the gestation period is nine months the eggs don’t implant and start growing until January time, with the Fawns being born five months later in the Spring so the Doe has the rich spring grass to produce good milk for the fawns.