Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 6th August 2017

September 6, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer

I must admit my biggest hates are rats and mice. My mother was the cause of it, she was frightened of them and passed it onto me. I don’t even like to see them and will do all I can to make sure I don’t. Frightened of them would be an understatement. I remembered once some years ago sitting on a tree stump in our wood watching deer. I felt something on my shoe, on looking down there looked like a herd of them jumping around my feet, I didn’t hang about, I left in a real hurry. I wouldn’t even allow my children to have pet mice or hamster’s, so when Mrs Farmer showed me the photographs she had taken of the mice I brushed them aside, not wanting to know until she showed them to a friend who convinced me I should take a peek. I suppose the mice in photograph is a bit more acceptable than rats.
The Badger Cull has not started in our area yet. Don’t know what is happening because the first culls in both West Somerset and Gloucestershire have been extended for another 5 years so the Government has gone against its word as the idea was to see what difference the cull has made. Believe me, it hasn’t. People I know who live in the area and have been sabbing the cull for the past four years have seen very few badgers in the cull area and Bovine TB in cattle herds have no reduced at all. I believe there has been an increase. With the 10000 badgers murdered just a very small percentage has been tested for TB. What have only a minimal amount have been found to have the disease.  Extending the cull shows clearly that the government are trying to kill every badger. Evil bastards. And remember it is the NFU who have been most vocal in calling for the cull. There is a lot of you who can punish the NFU by not ever insuring with them.
Even though the cull has not started in our area we have people out day and night checking for traps and shooters. They have thermal imaging monocular so they are well able to check for the killers. There are also others who are watching for strangers with instruction to take photographs of any suspicious people who if they are out to shoot or trap will be named and shamed.