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Our Life At Denbury Farm 16th August 2018

The gosling with the angel wing definitely cant fly and look as if it will be staying with us at Denbury. It parents keep coming back to the lake in the hope it will fly away with them but unfortunately it is not going to happen. As much as all the geese bicker when on the lake together it parent return most days with the other geese and goslings, all trying to encourage it to fly away with them. They all wait on the hill, it being a good place to take off from, calling to angel wing to let it know that they are ready to fly off.  They all run down the hill still calling with the angel wing trying to take off ,but as they take flight it is left flapping its wing but unable to fly. It only stops trying when the geese are out of sight it still calling after them. It is so sad seeing t happen. I dont know how long they will keep returning but they need to be ready to migrate over the Winter. We would like to mix t with our ducks and chickens but t would not be fair for it to hear its parents return and it is unable to get to them. As soon as we are sure that they are not coming back we will integrate it with our other birds.

Over the past couple of week we have had red deer in our valley. We haven’t seen them at Denbury for a few years. The last time we had any was when we had a rut a good few years ago. I have a recording of it but he infra red lamps were just not good enough to get a good sight of it. The red deer that have visited us over the past two weeks have made up for what we havent seen. Two young stags and a young hind have been in the valey over the past few evening and for the past two weeek to top it all we have had a royal stag and younger one. We managed to photograph them last night. We get roe deer most nights and earlier on this year we had a muntjac visit so we are extremely fortunate to have three type of deer visiting us.