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Our Life at Denbury Farm 28th April 2018

I thought you may like to see some our new additions. Our yearly Canadian Geese  produced only one Gosling. Not sure if there were any more and they were victims of the crows or that one egg hatched early and the geese left the nest too early. It could even be that any other eggs they had were infertile, but it is better than last year when we didn’t get any goslings at all. There is another nest on the smaller lake, so we are expecting more goslings

Two of our hens hid themselves away and produced chicks. We have been trying very hard to find where our chickens have been laying their eggs so that we can stop them from sitting. Unfortunately you cant decide if the eggs are going to produce hens or cockerels. Its easy to find homes for the hens but it is a struggle with the cockerels. We wont let people have hens without a cockerel, but it is a struggle.

The baby emu was a lucky survivor, Fuzzle its been named by Mr Farmer. Some weeks ago after the snow I found that three of the four emu who had been sitting their eggs had abandoned their nests. A few days later I checked on the one still sitting and it also had abandoned its nest. It must only had been a few hours earlier as the eggs were not completely cold and I put the eight eggs I had found into the incubator. I did not know long the emu had been sitting them, but last night a chick had hatched. Not sure if any others will. I don’t even know if the hatched egg was early. Emu eggs incubate for average 56 days but can be as early as 45 days or late as 60 so we will have to leave the remaining eggs incubating for another two weeks to make sure . The male Emu sit their eggs and don’t leave the nest for the whole period even for food or water. Two males are sitting eggs in the field.

The badger cubs are out feeding every night. Last night they were playing with their mum. You really should try to watch them on the webcams. Tere are also pregnant roe deer as well as a buck and the nursing vixen.  Seeing the badger cubs and the badgers as a family on the webcams over 15 years years ago completely changed my thought on protecting of our wildlife.