Our Life at Denbury Farm Blog 28th August 2017

August 25, 2017 in new_blog, Uncategorized by MrFarmer


I reckon the photo of the badgers is them telling that they are watching and waiting. The video is to show the our drones view of the farm and glimpse of what and who we can see. We also have thermal for night time. The Roe Deer scull was found on a walkabout checking for traps. 

To all you very sincere sabs and other well wishers, thank you for all your support and kind offers. Over the years of meeting many of you sabs through camp badger  I know that most of you do the sabbing at great cost to yourselves and put yourselves at risk of being assaulted and abused by those you are sabbing against, some of the police and the courts.

Some of the many messages and feedback  are very concerning about the way money that Jay Tiernan is collecting is being handed out to the Badger Camps. In 2015 when a camp was at Denbury Farm, request for funds were being refused for one reason or another, that I could not understand. I understood that Stop the Cull was started to collect money for all Badger Camps and activities.  Make no mistake it is the Badger Camps and others money, it is not Jay Tiernans money. I find very irregular that just one person, Jay Tiernan, more so that he is a convicted fraudster has got control of money that is meant to help you all. The accounts for Stop the Cull should be available to all. The only solution for complete transparency is that a funding committee should be actioned to collect all monies. I will be updating further information that I have as soon as it is confirmed.

The camp badger field is available if any of you can arrange a camp this year or if any of you can do any night sabbing it would help. We have people watching and patrolling. Two people who have been demonised by Jay Tiernan and others I must say are Bobbies and Fox, they have never let me down in the help with both the badger cull and game shooting that  is more repulsive than all. Their way of sabbing may not be to all peoples likings. But for sure it works and that is what matters. They are very sincere and a pleasure to have as friends.